who sleighed santa

“Who Sleighed Santa” Murder Mystery/Dinner November 22nd

To order tickets online: http://www.grenvilleanglicans.com/Murder_Mystery.php

A totally home-grown, pre-Christmas event unlike any other will be taking place at the M.E.R.C Hall in Maitland on Saturday, November 22 starting at 6:00 p.m. The plot, created by Mark and Laura Oliver will unfold with the local Uppity Improv Society players performing the various character roles. During the cocktail hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the characters will mingle with the dinner guests and the fun begins. Is jolly old St. Nick in for a surprise himself??
At 7:00 p.m. a delicious home cooked roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding, salads, and desserts will be served buffet style. Once everyone has been served the action will continue and dinner guests will have the opportunity to question all the suspects, examine any evidence that may be gathered and then cast their ballots to determine “who dunnit”. All those who cast correct votes will be eligible for a grand prize draw at the end of the evening.
The event is being sponsored in support of the M.E.R.C. Hall committee and the Youth Group for the Anglican Parish of All Saints South Grenville. The Youth Group is conducting a fundraising campaign to assist them in a mission trip to Santiago de Cuba in 2016. The Parish has partnered with the San Lucas Episcopal Church in Santiago and the mission trip is planned to assist their congregation in repairing and rebuilding as well as a spiritual, cultural and educational experience for the Youth Group members.
The main dinner will be prepared by members of St. John’s, The Evangelist Anglican Church in Prescott with salads provided by St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Cardinal and desserts by the members of St. James Anglican Church in Maitland.
Tickets for the event are $45.00 per person (adults only) and can be purchased online at www.grenvilleanglicans.com (go to donations icon) or by calling Doreen Thornhill 613-926-1631; Jane Van de Hoef 613-348-1351; Deborah Hayes 613-925-4967 or Betty Deschamps 613-657-3449. Many people are booking tables of 8 for their Christmas parties. Tickets are limited.